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Cambridge Islamic College

We aspire to enable students to serve as faithful representatives of a practised Islam that is, according to the pattern of God’s Messenger and his Companions, gracious and patient with religious diversity.

Arabic and Islamic studies

Arabic and Islamic studies

Cambridge Islamic College is offering a two-year foundational/intermediate level course in Arabic and Islamic studies.

It is intended for those who can only devote part of their time to these subjects. The course has four components: Arabic language, hadith, fiqh and general Islamic studies.

Deep Deen Online Videos

Deep Deen Online Videos

As a DeepDeen member not only will you have access to thousands of hours of recorded lectures, you will also have free onsite and online access to our monthly Tafsir- Surah Al Imran course.

In addition, you will be granted access to fortnightly live Q & A sessions with our Dean and founder, Shaikh Dr. Mohammad Akram Nadwi. 

Alimiyyah Degree Courses

Alimiyyah Degree Courses

It is designed to develop critical thinking and a deep understanding of the primary sources of Islam, empowering students to bring this understanding to bear on contemporary issues facing them in society.

Our courses are delivered by teachers who have excelled both at Islamic institutions of learning and in mainstream university education.

CIC Podcast

CIC Podcast

We will be sharing lectures from a wide range of subjects within the Islamic sciences, each of them filled with pearls of wisdom from Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Akram Nadwi. 


cic podcast


Online Diplomas

Partime Courses

For the last 5 years, Cambridge Islamic College has been running a highly successful online Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies, which consists of recorded lectures in addition to a weekly live tutorial.

Words About Us

Cambridge Islamic College provide opportunities for both Muslims and non-Muslims to learn about Islam.

Together we can make a difference

Cambridge Islamic College’s mission is to produce a generation of independent Islamic scholars and thinkers who are at the same time working professionals contributing to the wider British society. Cambridge Islamic College is committed to bridging the disconnect between mainstream secular education and specialised Islamic studies.

It puts particular emphasis on attracting bright, capable students who are already professionals or on the way to becoming professionals. It expects its graduates to be active as role models in their communities, respected both for their knowledge of the religion and for the flexibility, realism, and independence of mind with which they apply it.

In this way they will inspire others to combine the practice of Islam with a positive concern to use their personal and professional skills for the benefit of the whole society.


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