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Online Diplomas


For almost a decade now, Cambridge Islamic College has been running a highly successful online Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies, which consists of recorded lectures in addition to a weekly live tutorial.


Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies


This is a 2 year part time course in Arabic language and Islamic studies. It is designed for students with little or no Arabic and Islamic studies background, and aims to qualify participants for admission into the College’s ‘Alimiyyah Degree programme, as well as for those who wish to achieve general competency in Arabic and Islamic studies.


The rest of our online diplomas are accessible through our live streaming service – DeepDeen.

You can sign up to DeepDeen for £21.00 a month and once you have finished the course of your choice – email to register for your exam, if you pass you will receive the diploma for that course! (Exam registration costs £50.00, printing and postage of diploma will be included in this) 

You can browse the available diplomas by clicking on the relevant categories below.


Arabic Studies

Part-time online Arabic course at foundational, intermediate and advanced levels. For foundational/intermediate level students, college offers a two-year course in Arabic Language & Islamic Studies covering Arabic language, Hadith, Fiqh and general Islamic Studies. For Advanced students, college offers a 8 month course in introducingʿIlm al-balāgha – Classical Arabic Rhetoric.


Islamic Studies

Part-time online Islamic Studies at foundational, intermediate and advanced levels. Foundational level (Level-1) introduces beginners to the foundations of Islamic belief systems and practice. Intermediate level (Level-2) covers Qurʾānic hermeneutics, ḥadīth methodological sciences, and principles of Islamic jurisprudence. Advanced level (Level-3) covers ḥadīth literature, major ḥādīth collections, Islamic theological schools, manṭiq (logic) and Islamic philosophical traditions and History of Sufism and Introduction to Classical Spirituality Texts


Tafsir Studies

Introduces one to the important and fascinating disciplines of Qurʾānic hermeneutics, Qurʾānic studies, exegesis and textual analysis. It includes practical exercises in the analysis of selected sūrahs (chapters) from the Qurʾān.


Hadith Studies

Introduces one to the important and fascinating field of ḥadīth methodological principles, ḥadīth criticism (the evaluation and authentication of ḥadīth) and to the field of ḥadīth literature. It includes detailed discussions on the major ḥādīth collections within the Sunnī tradition.


Fiqh Studies

Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) and principles of Islamic jurisprudence (uṣūl al-fiqh), their origins, development and historical context, key classical texts, as well as their reception and recontextualisation in modern societies.


Diploma in Theology, Logic and Philosophy

One of the most intellectually demanding subjects in Islamic education. The complexity of these subjects is multiplied by the fact that throughout the Islamic history there have been many different schools of theology at odds with each other.


Islamic History

Explores the universal message and the particularities of the major prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. The prophets are chosen by God and are guided to accomplish the most important mission one could imagine. This section also covers a selected set of Female Islamic scholars' biography.


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