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Diploma in History of Female Islamic Scholarship

Program Overview

Muslim women scholars are part of our history. And by looking at that history, we can bring Muslim society closer to what it once was Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi

This is no ordinary discovery. It is set to rewrite the history of Muslims and humankind for ever. Never in the history of the world did the women experience such empowerment, freedom, dignity and respect as was in the Islamic history. However this part of the history of Muslims has been long forgotten and largely unexplored. But not any more. Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi has uncovered a large body of evidence to show that for a greater part of the Islamic history Muslim women were an integral part of Islamic scholarship and were deeply involved in the formation of the Sharia'h from the time of Prophet Muhammad until as recently as 200 years ago. Women were respected as scholars, jurists and teachers in addition to their dignity as mothers, wives and daughters. Many were successful entrepreneurs too. His ground-breaking research spanning over 15 years has so far uncovered biographies of over 10000 female scholars dating back to the time of the Prophet. These women-scholars wielded positive influence upon the general public, the ruling class and the male scholars of their time. Many were the teachers and mentors of the famous male scholars whose names we hear about so often today. Unfortunately not many people (including Muslims) know about this. Now this your opportunity to discover this yourself with a historic and rare 6 month Diploma programme (6 days of lectures spanning over 6 months) with Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi himself. In addition to the historic accounts, the seminar will focus on bringing back this lost tradition back to life. The Role of Muslim Women in the Society is one of the most misunderstood concepts of Islam among the Muslims themselves let alone non-Muslims. So many over-cautious non-Islamic practices have been integrated in to various Muslim cultures so much so that many Muslims think that those practices are part of the religion. Unfortunately this is very rampant when it concerns women as the Muslims have lost touch with their own rich and empowering traditions.

Our traditions have grown weak, and when people are weak, they grow cautious. When they’re cautious, they don’t give their women freedoms. De Mohammed Akram Nadwi God has given girls qualities and potential. If they aren’t allowed to develop them, if they aren’t provided with opportunities to study and learn, it’s basically a live burial. Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi


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